BALDANIYA.COM is a professional services company founded on a heritage of sound strategic thinking, intuitive creativity, being technically incisive and having a keen interest in our clients. We saw an opportunity in the over hyped design and technology wilderness, where business basics were bypassed or forgotten. At we identified that the underlying business objective remains unchanged, while developing brands, designing collaterals, developing websites, executing promotions and so on.

At we use professionalism, skill and expertise to enhance every business and organization partnership. We share an objective with our clients to generate the maximum return on investment from their websites in the shortest possible time. It is our commitment to launch these websites to new phases in development and complexity.

Customer service and care seems to be vanished with many organizations these days. In a global market otherwise consumed with figures and without the old-fashioned personal touch, at we use inspiration, experience and quality service to ensure our clients' contentment and ensure that together we reach new heights of success.

Our marketing solutions can be customized to any company's specialty. Image and Branding are a vital part of businesses success, and we can provide businesses of all sizes with basic and/or advanced web development, marketing and promotion, graphic designing and corporate logo designs, professional site or product photography, video recording, audio production, multimedia web content, domain registration & hosting and many other related products and services.

Today's boasts a distinctive close-knit team with experts in all facets of e-Media development, strategic, creative and technical. As we are growing, we are committed to the ideas that founded our success:

    OUR MISSION, based in Mumbai India, is a forward thinking Graphic Designing & Development Company. Our main focus is to provide our Clients with quality service that will best expose their product or services and serve their company thereby allowing them to sustain in this competitive market.

High quality and excellent service are the primary concerns for all people who are serious about business. We at believe that we can offer these qualities to our customers. Extreme care is taken to create fast loading images, clean code, unbroken links, at the same time optimizing the web site code for top search engine indexing. The latest Internet technologies in HTML, DHTML, ASP and PHP are always used for obtaining premium results.

"Long term relationship with result oriented outcome is the breath word at"


From the beginning of the company's creation, we were committed to help audio and video enthusiasts realize their "dream system."

Our vision is to be the pre-eminent source of news, information, advertising, entertainment and related services in the markets we serve.

We believe in and actively support the company's vision, values and goals and are committed to its success. We are highly engaged and have a sense of urgency.

We value our employees and we will provide an environment where they are motivated and inspired to produce superior products and continually improve customer service.

We seek out ways to provide support to each other regardless of geography, function or level, to achieve goals that are critical to our company's success. Teamwork is an expectation of all employees. We value and use different thinking styles and experiences.

We will be an aggressive, agile, innovative market-driven multimedia company, leading our markets by building strong communities.

We will create marketplaces, grow market share and maintain financial strength by creating, acquiring and continually improving products, services and multimedia platforms.

Our goal is to build on our traditional strengths and redefine them for the 21st century. We're going to apply fresh thinking and innovative ideas and technology to everything we do, from our basic business processes to the products that define who we are as a company.

  • We conduct a Needs Analysis. We go for Questionaires to understand your audience and your competition.
  • We identify any backend programming needs.
  • We generate a quotation, keeping in mind your website requirements.
  • We begin your project when both requirements and costs have been approved by you.
  • We provide a wide range of designs, including suggested content, for your approval.
  • We finalize graphic design, integrate content, and perform browser, platform and content checks. Then we conduct bug checks and broken links checks.
  • We’re flexible: We recognize that project objectives sometimes change after the initial project development stage.
  • When your website complies with project objectives and has passed all Quality Assurance checks, we get your final approval and upload to the server.
  • We upload your website.
  • Then, we stand behind our product to insure your satisfaction.
  • We provide continued contract or fee-based technical, maintenance, management and hosting support as well as search engine registration and promotion.

The following is a list of technologies that we can use to develop your website. These are things that we have to think about, and that you never need to worry about, because we know how to use them.

Apache SSIs
HTML (clean code)
Java Applets, Servlets, JSP
Flash Animation
PHP, including PHPLib

These technologies help us deliver on our promise of a browser and computer-friendly website. They are technologies that make your Infocreek website easy to use with pages that open quickly, download readily, and that don't keep the visitor waiting.

In addition, we use these Graphic Design tools:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Image Ready
Macromedia Flash
Corel Draw

These technologies, through smart application, add interest and fun to your website. Your site is bright, up-to-the-minute, and quick. Visitors want to stay. You gave them good reason.
We use these Operating Systems:

Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS/2, Linux, Novell Netware, SCO OpenServer, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP. websites are versatile and compatible. Your website visitor's computers don't have to solve mysteries to open your pages.

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