- Heat-Seal and Cold-Seal Coated Paper, Aluminium Foil and Blisters, Flexible Films, Ready Pouches and Medicated Cold-Seal Papers. specialises in pharmaceutical and consumer packaging materials. The wide range of products includes heat-seal and cold-seal coated printer papers, aluminium foil and aluminium blisters, flexible films, ready pouches and medicated cold-seal papers.

HEAT-SEAL AND COLD-SEAL COATED PRINTER PAPER : The wide product range of includes heat-seal and cold-seal coated printer papers. The heat-seal papers and cold-seal coated papers are widely used for secure medical device packages. For medical device packaging, has also developed new hot-melt heat-seal and cold-seal coated adhesives. These coated adhesives replace natural latex cold-seal adhesives.The company customises heat-seal papers and cold-seal coated printed paper products as per customer specifications.

ALUMINIUM FOIL AND ALUMINIUM BLISTER :'s aluminium foil and aluminium blister products are widely acclaimed by the global packaging market and can be economically recycled. The aluminium foil and aluminium blister products offer positive monetary value when compared with many other packaging materials and are available in several sizes.

FLEXIBLE FILMS :'s flexible films are widely used for packaging non-food products. The flexible films are ideal for packaging liquids and medicines and their usage is rapidly increasing in the global market.'s flexible films are cost effective flexible and produced to global quality standards.

MEDICATED COLD-SEAL PAPERS : offers medicated cold-seal papers for different products that require longer shelf-life and protection. The company designs and manufactures exclusive papers as per customer specifications. The company is targeting a sale of 100mt of medicated cold seal papers per month.

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