Quality Work

With us you get the highest quality of graphic services. Our 5 years of experience will help you to deliver the best graphics for your business. We have talented designers who have ability to transform ideas into picture by creativity. We believe that active client participation in the Graphics Project and feedback along the way are crucial to create a professional Graphic (Logo, Website, Multimedia Presentations, Flash Animations, etc).

     Quick Delivery

You will get customized graphic samples within short span of time. We will provide you with various samples and color schemes. You are free to select / recommend any changes to further enhance your logo/template/ or any graphic. Customer satisfaction is our main motto.

     Ownership Rights

You get complete ownership of your graphics. Beware of the graphic companies, who does not pass ownership rights and charge royalty for the work performed on your site or on the graphics developed. You may have to pour in extra money.

     Source Code:

You get complete source code of your graphics in supporting formats (PSD, GIF, JPEG and Corel file) on demand. Did you hear any Graphic company giving original source code to their customers? Baldaniya.com does. We strongly believe that, any graphic or design work performed for client should be given back all the files including the source code because the client OWN’S it.

     Relationship for Life:

You will consider yourself privileged working with Baldaniya.com. We believe in developing long lasting relationship with you. Our friendly approach will make you feel more comfortable, that helps you to participate in your project to get the best desired results.

    A website Design to suit your Market:

Your business website design must appeal to your potential customers. We realize that you are one of the best experts on your market. You may or may not have a clear and accurate vision for your website design. Either way, we will discuss with you - your type of customers, and the kind of design that will achieve excellent results. Our website design experience is streamlined to create websites to impress your potential customers and the search engines.

     Corporate ID in Web Design

If your compan's logo and corporate ID is already existing then we will produce your website within that style. Please let us know if you would like to design your business logo and/or corporate id. This can then be applied to your website. We can also supply the logo and other elements in a format suitable for the printing of your company stationary and other material.

     Animated graphics:

Animation can be very refreshing to a website visitor; it can also highlight an important link that you wish visitors to take notice of. We produce custom-made animated graphics for your website.

     What we offer
Website Designing & Development
Multimedia Presentations (CD- Presentations)
Graphic Designing
Ecommerce Solutions
Software Development
High Quality optimized graphics
Professional programming leading to very fast access of your pages on the web
Specially designed logo of your company
Animated flash banners
Background Image or Color of your choice
Unlimited images (can be diagram or photographs)
Unlimited clickable images, tables
Unlimited internal links (page to page)
Unlimited external links (to other sites)
Customized title header, navigation bars & buttons
E-mail link on all pages
Visitor access counter or stat program
We check to make sure your site looks good in Microsoft® Internet Explorer® and Netscape® Navigator
New features will be added in the future at no additional cost.
Our Best Services
Logo Creation
Web Designing & Development
Graphic Design
2D 3D Animation
Multi Media Presentation
Language Translation
Trademark Registration
Touch Screen
Offset Printing & Packaging
Rotogravure Cylinder & Printing